48,00 € each Ferro-Bee® (40 ml, 48 gram)

ferro-beeproductimageFerro-Bee® is a tool for the beekeeper. Ferro-Bee® is dissolved in sugar syrup and administered to the bees in the period between the honey collection and winter feeding. Ferro-Bee® can also be added to the winter feed. Supplementing the bees' diet in this way with iron helps prevent winter mortality and encourages bees to be more active. Ferro-Bee® makes treatments against Varroa unnecessary.

Ferro-Bee® is supplied in a sachet and is sufficient to treat at least 10 bee colonies for two years.

Package contents
- Ferro-Bee® powder (1.4 fl oz, 48 gram)
- Measuring scoop
- Instructions for using Ferro-Bee®