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Purpose of information

The purpose of information published on this website is to advise current and future users of Ferro-Bee® regarding how Ferro-Bee® works and could work. Science in Water B.V. endeavors to provide users of Ferro-Bee® with that information which is important for the optimal use of Ferro-Bee® depending on the user's circumstances.

Use of information provided on this website

Information provided on this website is for personal use only. Use of this information for other purposes is expressly prohibited, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Science in Water B.V. No rights can be derived from the information provided on this website.


Science in Water B.V. cannot guarantee that the information provided on this website will always be accurate, complete and up-to-date. The state of the art is constantly changing, and so also, our understanding of the issues.

Sources of information

This website uses information from scientific publications and other public sources. Not all information is attributable to public scientific sources. Insofar as reference is made to other websites and information provided thereon, Science in Water B.V. assumes that this information was not obtained illegally.


In the interests of legibility, a limited number of references are provided. The book referred to on this website, Honey Bee Colony Health, Challenges and Sustainable Solutions ISBN 9781439879405 (approximate price € 90) contains sufficient references regarding the topics addressed on this website. Another good source of reference material can be found at Insofar as references are not provided, these may be requested and will be provided subject to certain conditions (to be specified).


Third party image and reproduction rights apply to all images and photographs included on this website. It is expressly forbidden to copy or otherwise to use these images and photographs without the express permission of the copyright holders.

Patented information

This website includes patented information. In the interests of preserving all rights to its know-how and intellectual property rights, Science in Water B.V. reserves the right not to publish this information in full or to withhold references to the same. The user of the information on this website should, therefore, be aware that essential elements of explanations regarding iron deficiencies in bees and related matters have been omitted.


The models of bee decline described are for orientation purposes only and are not necessarily situations that occur in practice. These models are designed to analyze bee mortality from various angles and to help find effective solutions to bee mortality.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights to both individual components within the various sections and paragraphs, as well as in their entirety and in their full context, are 100% owned exclusively by Science in Water B.V., insofar as that these have not been previously published or made public. The documents and underlying documents have been registered in intellectual property databases in several countries.


Science in Water B.V. is not liable for the consequences of any use of the information provided on this website, in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever.